About me

Hey there!

I am Merreley, a somatic bodyworker with over 25 years in practice.  I am certified Co-active® Professional Coach (CPCC) and an Embodied Meditation Teacher, certified by Judith Blackstone in the  Realization Process and a Healing Ground Practitioner.   I am also a trauma informed movement educator with a passion for learning about the nervous system and in healing trauma.   

I am a firm believer that we all have the inner resilience and inner resource to live our best, most spacious and fulfilling lives.  I am here to listen, to be your guide and to be the support you need.  I can help you take action in discovering your saboteurs and self limiting beliefs and to help turn those voices around to embody your unique strengths and potential.  Through one on one coaching, using the  Co-active model of coaching,  somatic awareness and embodied meditation, I will help you uncover your innate wisdom and connection to yourself through your body.  I will guide you to access deeper awareness and awakening to increase your capacity,  strengthen your resilience, so you can live more authentically,  joyfully and fully!

Whether it is in person at my studio, Radiant Wellness, in Valdez, or over Zoom, I offer coaching and education based in embodied meditation (mostly using the Realization Process) and Co-active coaching.  Combining these modalities, creates a unique, alchemical and personalized session to help you uncover “blind spots” and obstacles that may be holding you back from living fully and becoming the person you are most meant to become.  

The world needs you to step into your best and most courageous self! The world needs your voice now more than ever!

Let’s have a conversation and explore what wants to come forward.

I offer free consultations, and LOVE to chat and especially to listen!


My Passion

I have a passion to help people, people like you who are ready to dive in and explore what’s goin on.  I call them blind spots, the parts of ourselves that we are not able to see without the help and support of a guide.  Using my experience as a Co-active Caoch, an embodied meditation teacher, using the Realization Process as taught by Judith Blackstone, Phd, and observing and listening skills I have learned with working as a Rolfer

My Goals

My goals are to help you break through anxiety, burnout and chronic stress and live a more empowered life by healing at the root level.  Become your own sanctuary! The world is calling us all right now to step into our own power and up our capacity to find our own inner resilience and courage.  It is time to put the work we have done into action and reach out for the support we need in order to find refuge from within.  More than ever, the world needs you to bring your most compassionate, authentic and creative self forward.

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